Scroll down until you find YOU. (You may want to remember your post number at the top left of your photo to put in the SEARCH box on the right of this page when you want to find your photo again.)

There are twenty five faces per page so it may take a moment to download.

Click “Previous Entries” at the bottom left to take you to the next page while you search for your face or the face of someone you know.

If you would like to comment on a photo of yourself or someone else, click “comments” at the top of that photo entry and “Leave a Reply” in the box.

If you would like to download your photo, click on the photo and it will open in a larger format for you to print. You may use your own photo for your web site,  Blog, MySpace page, Facebook, or any other appropriate venue you wish.

If you would like to see more photos at one time check out the “blog roll” on the right of the page for links. You will find a SLIDE SHOW that is pretty hypnotic which you can adjust to go fast or slow.

Feel free to talk about yourself, your business (you may post a website URL if you like), your art, your favorite places in Bellingham, or write any random thoughts under your photo or someone you know. 

Poetry is always appreciated!

If you would like your photo deleted, leave your request in the comments or email me:

CLICK title faces of bellingham at the top of this page to view photos.

Thanks for visiting!

Please note:

Anyone may download a photograph from this site for personal use.


All photographs are property of Lea Kelley and may not be duplicated by anyone for financial, publication, or advertising purposes without the sole permission of the photographer of faces of bellingham©


5 Responses to “HOW TO USE THIS SITE”

  1. I’ve never been Bellingham, (WA?) but after spending some time on your site, I can say I’d like to go. Nice faces

  2. what a fabulous, fabulous project you have going here! i love your friends for buying you the camera and the website! what great friends!

  3. Hey Lea,

    I was wondering if you could get a photo of a girl named Willow and older sister Jenny? I know her sister rachel in Maui and I’m sure she’d love to see her face in Bellingham!

  4. Absolutely!
    Tell me where to go and when to be there!
    Woods coffee on Railroad is a good spot!

  5. It says if you go to the Photo Blog, you will find a slide show. Poked around for 5 minutes and no luck, more specific directions to that link? It could take forever to find my picture on here with only 25/page and 3300+ entries. Love the site and what you do 🙂

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