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4 Responses to “Contact Lea Kelley”

  1. Beautiful work. My daughter sent this link to me after you took her picture on 11/24. She is 2595.
    Not long into the slide show on flickr I began to notice the very high number of redheads present. I am a redhead. When I first moved to Bellingham in 1982 I was blown away by the presence of so many redheads. I have never seen so many reds in one place.
    So in ’83, two red friends and I started the Redheads Picnic, which I think happened for only two years. It was strange and wonderful and the pictures were great. We just hung and were red together. I think over 50 showed up on a sunny day at Fairhaven Park. If I dig I could probably find the pictures.
    I was wondering if you had ever thought of grouping your redheads together. There are several photographers who take only photos of redheads. It’s a strange phenomenon.
    Anyway, just some thoughts, great work, beautiful picture of my beautiful kid, who is only slightly reddish.
    Bellingham is beautiful!

  2. Great work and great blog. I’ve just discovered it. I love the way you capture the look and feelings of people.

  3. Lea-
    Robin (who is a Flickr Friend) posted images of you getting your award. Congratulations, this is truly an amazing project and a great community outreach.
    John Carey

  4. could please send photo #1086 to me via e mail. I was in bellingham about 1 year ago,and you took my photo.I would much apreciate this,i live in colorado now and would like to post it on my profile. thank you . Eugene

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