These are the faces of Bellingham.

They are not intended to be glamorous but they are beautiful in their authenticity. 

These are the people we live with, work with, and see around town.

We share restaurants, grocery stores, businesses, sidewalks, and coffee houses.

These faces will continue to grow in numbers weekly.

Check back to see if your face comes up.

If you see your own face, feel free to comment, tell the world about yourself, write a poem, or just tell us your name so we can greet you properly the next time we see you. 

If you would like your photo deleted for any reason (shyness, vanity, or you are hiding from aliens)  just make a request in the comments. I will delete it immediately (but I would love to know why).   

Bellingham, you are Beautiful!

If you see a woman with long red hair and a camera, get your face on!

PS  If you recognize beauty in someone, feel free to comment and let them know!

CLICK title faces of bellingham at the top of this page to view photos.

16 Responses to “IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!”

  1. The faces made me smile and cry at the same time. Good to see Bellingham is still full of amazing people. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I love this site! And it’s interesting to look at the faces and realize I’ve seen so many of these people in and around town. But, as it often the case, you never know where you’ve seen them.
    It’s the old “Man, they look familiar!”

  3. Hi there.
    great idea. I’ve seen your posters around town. Is there anyway I could get one? thanks.

  4. Its awesome to veiw bellingham usually were busy running around to notice all those around us.
    We are beautiful!
    Thx for having this site!

  5. Bravo! Such a great way to galvanise a community. Looks like you’re doing well too!

  6. I lived in Bellingham for 5 years. Similar to others, this site has made me smile and cry at the same time — I never thought I would miss it as much I do. This site makes me want to go home — I’m living in a complete opposite enivornment (Grand Canyon) and seeing these pictures makes me miss home and yet appreciate it even more. Thank you.

  7. hello,

    thank you for a thoughtful and engaging blog . Really enjoyed getting to know bellingham ( though still not sure where it is!) and really enjoyed your art work!

    all the best in the search for what brings us together .


  8. This is an awesome blog!

  9. I love your work. It’s a fascinating display.

  10. I only wanted to say that your blog is really great!! A great idea and I love it to watch all these faces.. Wow, what a great work!

  11. lovely photographs 🙂
    keep up the good work 🙂

  12. i’ve never tried,for i’m not the one from Bellingham,so i just wonder whether i can get my pix on it.

  13. Where – how – to I access the great photos you took on Halloween?

  14. Cynthia,

    Mac: Drag photo to your desktop and edit to higher resolution and size to print.

    PC: save photo to your files in photo program and edit to print.

    You must click on the entry number of the photo before saving it to your files.

  15. Absolutely fabulous site! I’ve browsing around trying to find other Bellingham blogs and what a find this is.

    Such a treat to scan through these beautiful faces, recognizing a few here and there.

    Made my day! Thanks!

    (I’ve added you to my blogroll.)

  16. I was wondering how you went about this? I live in vermont and am interested in doing what you do out here. Would you have a problem with that. Also how did you get your funds to make the posters. We’re they donations. Courous about the whole idea and think burlington would be a great place to do this. Please call me at 802-343-8466. I have a lot of questions. Thanks. Robert

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